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  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very important for your website!  With so many sites on the internet all trying to get at the top of the listings in search results it's important that you have the right code in your site to tell the search engine what it should be indexing. The right SEO will improve your rankings considerably on specific searches..

  We can take a detailed look at your site's SEO and see if you have all the relevant code, micro-data and other SEO markup that you need.  If you are missing SEO elements on items in your page we can let you know which ones need markup.  We also check all existing script output and micro-data SEO elements for errors and missing tags.

  Making sure that your SEO is free of errors is also very important.  Search engines ignore tags with errors and it could impact your rankings quite a bit. Have us take a detailed look at your site if you aren't sure about your code snippets and micro-data..

You can order a SEO evaluation for your website HERE

Or you can contact us for more information about getting your website meta tags evaluated..

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